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The Beer Guide Page

About us

Our aim is to create a complete reference for people who want to have information about beers from all over the world. In particular, our aim is to create a complete beer guide that can help you to choose the right beer when you have to choose within a big selection (e.g. in a supermarket, or in a big pub) and you don't know any of them. There are several good beer guides sold in printed books, but they all have the strong limitation that they are printed, so, because of limited space, they can't include any beer around and they physically can't be complete. Luckily it is possible to make a really complete guide on a website, creating a database. Then, you'll be able to sort all the information as you prefer, and to print only the part you need.
There are several good websites about beers, but we find them quite chaotic, with a lot of confusing information. That is why we decided to make such a plain well-organised website, focusing our attention on the final aim of creating a complete beer guide. The description and the score of any beer are given only by us, this way it will always be clear which one is the "official" opinion. Doing so, we garantee a consistency throughout the whole website. We are currently two people developing this website:
  • Alessio Damato, Sound/Broadcast Electronic Engineer from Italy, Rome. My interest about beers started when I bought a book titled "Good Beer Guide" by Michael Jackson (not the singer, but the beer hunter!). His guide is very good and led me to lots of good beers around Europe, all the beers I have found on the book are very good, but I found lots of good beers that were not considered in the book... that is why I decided to write a short description of all the beers I could try, keeping it on a small notebook. Then I realised that this information could be shared with my friends or even more people, so I decided to create this website with my friend Carlos. This website will work like my own memory and beer guide for the future, and I hope it will be useful for you as well!
  • Carlos, Computing Engineer from Spain, Canarias Islands :-)