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The Beer Guide Page

Welcome to our Beer Guide page!

This website is a collection of comments about all the beers we have tried; since we gave scores to the beers we tasted, this web-page could be used like a guide if you have to choose the beer to get in front of a big selection you don't know anything of. There are several good beer guides around sold in bookshops or similar, but they have a strong limitation: they are printed. There are so many beers in the world, and you can't think about printing a book about all of them unless you want to make an encyclopedia! Even if they were very expert, those authors had to make a selection of which beers to talk about, but what about all the others? this website will try to keep information about all the beers we had the chance to try in our life, so it will be the most complete guide around, and it is possible to do it on a website.

The scores were chosen by us with consistency, according to some principles we have decided. In general, we prefer dark and tasteful beers over watery light lagers. According to us beer must not be a simple refreshment, but a full enjoyment. Beer should have a complex taste so that you can drink it slowly, while spending time with your mates, and every drop will taste sightly different from the other. Normally dark beers have more complex taste and there are so many different kinds around, that's why you may notice from our comments that we do prefer dark beers. There are some very good lagers around, and you'll be able to easily find them thanks to our website (hopefully!), but they are very rare compared to the huge amount of standard tasteless cheap lagers sold all around the world every day.

I hope we will be able to help you in your choice and understanding of beers.