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There are several web-sites giving scores to beers in different ways. They mainly let you vote, they collect the results and then they calculate the mean value and use it as the final score. This is a very good approach if you want to understand how much people like a particular beer. In any case, thinking that most of the beers sold around are definitely tasteless, I don't trust the judgement of most of the people around. Using the previous approach, you could get different scores if a beer is famous or not, while we want to be concerned only about taste. We used scores in a different way.
They represent clearly how much a beer is good according to us. Our aim is different: we don't want to know which one is the best beer, since there are so many different kinds that can't be compared one with the other, but we want to know which one are good beers. If you go to a supermarket or a pub, you have a big selection of beers in front of you, you want to know which beers are good and which are bad, which a short explanation explaining why. You are not interested in knowing whether a beer is better than another one just because its mean score was 3.7 instead of 3.6, you just want to hear: that beer is good, enjoy it or that beer is just tasteless, don't drink it unless you want to have dirty water with added alcohol.
Our scores is a simple way to divide the beers we tried in a sort of "classes", from 0 (bad) to 5 (great). There are only integer values allowed, so you can understand quickly whether a beer is great, good, standard or bad. We never used ambiguous scores such as 3.5, 4.1, etc. Here is a detailed explanation of our scores:
Image Score Description
it scored 5/5 5 one of the greatest beers ever, it's worth to try it once
it scored 5/5 4 very good beer, tasty and enjoyable
it scored 5/5 3 quite good, mild taste, it won't change your life
it scored 5/5 2 very basic beer, you can still taste something
it scored 5/5 1 anonymous and tasteless beer
it scored 5/5 0 is this beer?!