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Eurobräu Cannabis red power

The bottle of the beer

Type: Pilsner

Alcohol: 8.00 % abv

Rate: 3/5

Country: Germany


Everybody is really surprised of this beer as soon as they hear of it. The main reason is: if Cannabis is illegal almost anywhere in the world, can a beer called Cannabis be legal? the answer is yes, simply because the beer contains no cannabis at all! This beer is just an oily strong lager with a weak smell of Cannabis, obtained by normal beer's ingredients. Unfortunately the cannabis aroma is very weak you will hardly notice it. In order to have a high alcohol content, the brewers added a lot of malt, and this is the reason why it will taste so sweet. Since the Cannabis flavor is very weak, malt is the leading taste. Moreover the beer will have absolutely no head and an ugly dirty-like yellow colour: it's not such a good beer, but it's worth trying it just to have an idea about how it is like to drink a Cannabis-flavoured drink.