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Schloss Eggenberg Urbock 23

The bottle of the beer

Type: Bock

Alcohol: 9.60 % abv

Rate: 3/5

Country: Germany


You can read on the label One of the strongest beers of the world. This can be true, since it's 9% alcohol, but unfortunately this is the only good point of the beer. Whichever way you pour it, it will have a light amber colour with almost no head, and this is very strange for a German beer. The high content of alcohol was obtained fermenting the beer for a longer time (the name 'urbock' means 'very old bock') and adding a lot of malt in the brewing process, thus adding sugar that ferment creating more alcohol. That is why the beer is very sweet: it just tastes of malt and it might remember honey or caramel as well. Compared to other very strong beers, the brewers were able to 'hide' the taste of the alcohol: if you drink it, the beer will taste almost like a weaker beer, maybe because the strong malt flavour covers anything else! Anyway it is very particular and it is worth to try it once.