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Schneider Weisse hefe-weizenbier

The bottle of the beer

Type: Hefe-Weizen

Alcohol: 5.40 % abv

Rate: 4/5

Country: Germany


This beer is a classic: the brewer is believed to be one of the oldest making weizenbier. It looks light-brown with shades of orange, it has a nice big fluffy irregular head with an enjoyable carbonation. If you'll try to realize how it smells like and what it taste like, it won't be such an easy task. You can understand you are drinking a beer with wheat, but the overall taste is so complex that can't be standarize easily. Both the smell and the taste are malty, fruity and well balanced, but it will leave a tart aftertaste in your mouth. Such a complexity won't hide the 'features' of the beer, but it will actually underline them. A very good Weizenbier!