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Asahi Super dry

The bottle of the beer

Type: Dry lager

Alcohol: 5.00 % abv

Rate: 2/5

Country: Japan


The bottle is very particular: the top is covered by plastic and, opening it, you can see a small explosion due to the gas inside. Pouring it, you get a well carbonated bright yellow beer with a nice big head. Unfortunately, all the good points of this beer finish here: the carbonation and the head will quickly fade away, leaving you with a flat standard lager. The beer is watery and tasteless. It's is actually meant to be like that: Dry Japanese lagers are meant to be refreshing and they are made so that they have almost no aftertaste. They were quite good to do it, they got a tasteless beer, but it's not an excuse to sell such a worthless beer... It's sightly better than standard mass-market lagers anyway.