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Timmermans Kriek

The bottle of the beer

Type: Kriek

Alcohol: 4.50 % abv

Rate: 3/5

Country: Belgium


It's a headless ruby sightly carbonated beer. In Dutch, 'Kriek' is a kind of sour cherries that are added to the brewing process in order to have a kriek beer. In case of this beer, real cherries are used, and you'll be quickly sure of this: it smells and tastes like cherries, nothing else, that's why this beer lacks of complexity. The aftertaste is very sweet and can become cloying after a while. The alcohol is completely hidden by the strong sweet taste, so you'll hardly realise you're having a beer because it will be like having a good cherry juice. It's a particular drink, but it's too sweet and unbalanced towards sweetness.